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Voting for terrorism. [Jul. 29th, 2006|01:56 am]
A striking similarity that exists between Hamas and Hezbollah is that they are both political factions that exist in their respective countries and have been voted in in these countries. It is in this way that they are akin to the Nazi party in Germany, as they were both voted into power by the majority. Does that mean that democracy automatically legitimises the government? No, it doesn't. If you vote them in, it proves that the majority of people who elected them are responsible because they voted and chose this political faction to represent them in their respective nation-states. The German people knew full well what Hitler offered and promised just as Hamas and Hezbollah represent aggression against Israel and the West. Therefore the Lebanese and the Palestinian people chose to adjoin their destinies to those who would launch aggressive war against Israel as Israel strikes deep into the heart of these countries. So called civilians know full well what is likely to occur when a launch-pad is next door or on the roof of their building, especially when Israel drops leaflets before strikes against such targets. It is because of this that it is difficult to sympathise with the so-called "humanitarian crises" because these people know full well that Islamic militantants have put a launch-pad in their yard. These people are voting for hostile aggressive militant factions, popularly known as terrorist organisations, into their government. Are they responsible as members of the body politic for voting for these representatives, knowing full well their agendas? What is parliamentary goverment if not a proxy of the desires of the people? A vote for Hamas is a vote for dead Jews, just as a vote for Nazis was a vote for dead Jews. Once citizens choose to elect a leadership that will launch aggressive wars, it will share in their fate when such leadership launches a war of aggression and those suffering justly counter-attack. It is difficult to show empathy toward these civilians, because they chose to tie their destinies to this leadership. They chose to allow these launch-pads to be set up within their communities. They allowed Hamas and Hezbollah to have considerable influence in their societies and chose to put their children in harm's way as a result. As it has been stated various times through the media, every time Israel launches an artillery attack, it is only on military targets, yet every time Hezbollah launches an attack on Israel, it is on civilian targets. When Israelis vote for their leadership, they vote for security, not wars of aggression. So are Lebanese and Palestinian constituencies - knowing full well what Hamas and Hezbollah stand for - voting for wars of aggression? All signs point to yes.